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Cicada Cinema

Basket Case | October 26 | Orbit Room | 7PM

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Tickets for the 7PM screening of BASKET CASE

1982 • USA • 79 minutes

Thursday, October 26th
at The Orbit Room
(107 N College)
$5 dollars | 18+

Showtime: 7pm




Synopsis: What's in the basket? You'll love finding out. BASKET CASE is the debut gutter-trash symphony from Frank Henenlotter (BRAIN DAMAGE, FRANKENHOOKER), stealthily filmed in the toilet bowls of Times Square and chock-full of demented fury. Duane and his brother Belial are ex-siamese twins who arrive in New York with a purpose—revenge against everyone! The only catch is that Belial is a telepathic monstrosity who lives in a wicker basket. BASKET CASE features an incredibly grotesque monster puppet that will burn its essence on the surface of your brain from now until forever. It's also filled with real-life NYC sleazers, stop-motion shocks, and non-stop sicko fun, playing out like Herschell Gordon Lewis directing FREAKS on the set of TAXI DRIVER. A true DIY classick!

*In partnership with The Orbit Room, The American Genre Film Archive and Vulture Video, our Cicada Underground series comes from the ethos that while as imperfect as the people who made them, genre films deserved to be screened to both enrich our lives and have a good time doing it!