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Cicada Cinema

Metropolis (2001) | June 2 | Hopscotch Roastery | Dusk

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Metropolis \ 2001 • Japan • 113 min

Friday, June 2nd
at Hopscotch Coffee Roastery (212 N Madison St)
Free | ALL AGES (PG-13)
Showtime: Dusk(~9PM) | BYO Chair

FREE! No ticket needed for this event.

**NOTE - This screening will be outside. Please bring a chair and a friend. Concessions and bathrooms will be available inside the Hopscotch Coffee Roastery**


Synopsis: A future society, where humans and robots co-exist. Amidst the chaos created by anti-robot factions, detective Shunsaku Ban and his sidekick Ken-ichi are searching for rebel scientist Dr. Laughton, to arrest him and seize his latest creation, a beautiful young girl named Tima. When they locate them, Shunsaku soon realizes that the eccentric scientist is protected by a powerful man and his fierce desire to reclaim a tragic figure from his past and therefore is beyond their reach. -- Visually stunning Japanese anime interpretation of Fritz Lang's classic film, also based on Osamu Tezuka's outstanding 1945 illustrations. 

In partnership with Granfalloon Festival + IU Arts and Humanities Council.