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Cicada Cinema

Rick Sebak FRIDAY | April 26 | I Fell Gallery | 7:30PM

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Tickets for the 7:30PM screening of Visiting Filmmaker RICK SEBAK


Friday, April 26th
at I Fell Gallery (415 W 4th St.)

FREE, but ticketed

All Ages

Showtime: 7:30pm


A Hot Dog Program (1999, 60min, 25th Anniversary screening)
That Kennywood Summer (2019, 30 min)


HOT DOGS will be available for purchase from The Orbit Room

Beer & Wine for 21+



Synopsis: If you are from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you likely already know and love award-winning filmmaker Rick Sebak, the gregarious WQED television producer whose work has delighted viewers for decades. And if you are not from Pittsburgh, you may recognize his soothing voice as he is heard but not seen as he narrates his nationally syndicated PBS programs such as Great Old Amusement Parks, Shore Things, Sandwiches That You Will Like, A Flea Market Documentary, Great Old Amusement Parks, A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway, An Ice Cream Show, A Cemetery Special, and many more.

Cicada Cinema is honored to welcome Rick Sebak to Bloomington April 26-27 for screenings of his films, q&a, and even a performance by Sebak enthusiasts Busman's Holiday! In addition to short clips of his work, there will be full screenings of the beloved A Hot Dog Program (25th anniversary), Pennsylvania Diners & Other Roadside Restaurants (a surprising ratings hit for PBS in 1993!), and That Kennywood Summer

As evidenced in these films, Sebak lovingly and expertly documents some truly fascinating people and places. While the feelings and emotions are ageless, these "scrapbook documentaries" also serve as video time capsules capturing fleeting ephemera in a quickly changing world. Although the subject matter is often light, there is profound care in the work of Sebak and his crew as they chronicle the things that bring joy to a variety of interesting people across our country. At age 70, Rick Sebak continues his work and the world continues to be better for it! 

Made possible in partnership with: Showers Inn, I Fell Gallery, Upland Brewing, Orbit Room, WQED Pittsburgh, Tolivar Souvenirs, Aaron Denton, WTIU