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The Sore Losers | August 22 | Back Door | 8PM

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Tickets for the 8PM screening of The Sore Losers

1997 • US • 90 minutes • dir. John Michael McCarthy

Thursday, August 22nd
at The Back Door (207 S College Ave)

$8 dollars | 21+

Showtime: 8pm


Visiting filmmaker JOHN MICHAEL MCCARTHY in-person!


In partnership with the Dead Formats VHS Convention. 


Synopsis: Kill The Hippies! Hot rod juvenile delinquents from outer space come to Memphis to kill hippies! Shot on16mm film between Tupelo, Mississippi, and Memphis, Tennessee in 1996, "The Sore Losers" is a southern psychedelic sexploitation cinematic romp & stomp with a killer lo-fi garage/punk soundtrack. They Wanted Meat So They Ate The Flower Children! Director: Mike McCarthy.