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Cicada Cinema

The Timekeepers of Eternity | January 19 | Orbit Room | 7:30pm

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Tickets for the 7:30PM screening of The Timekeepers of Eternity \ 2021 • Greece• 64 minutes

Thursday, January 19th
at The Orbit Room
(107 N College)
$5 dollars | 18+

Showtime: 7:30 pm


Synopsis: Welcome to your new favorite Stephen King adaptation. A found footage appropriation from filmmaker Aristotelis Maragkos, THE TIMEKEEPERS OF ETERNITY was meticulously crafted by creating a new edit of King's TV mini-series THE LANGOLIERS, printing each frame to paper, then animating it all into a brand new creature feature. But there's a method to the madness. In THE LANGOLIERS, Mr. Toomey (played by an unhinged Bronson Pinchot) obsessively tears paper to overcome the traumatic events—and literal monsters—of his childhood. In TIMEKEEPERS, the tears and creases of photocopied paper transform into a living collage where the filmmaker and protagonist slowly merge with a common goal: to make sense of the paper nightmare.


*In partnership with The Orbit Room, The American Genre Film Archive and Vulture Video, our Cicada Underground series comes from the ethos that while as imperfect as the people who made them, genre films deserved to be screened to both enrich our lives and have a good time doing it.