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Female Prisoner #710: Scorpion | May 23 | Orbit Room | 7PM

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Tickets for the 7PM screening of Female Prisoner #710: Scorpion

1972 • Japan • 87 minutes

Thursday, May 23rd
at The Orbit Room
(107 N College)
FREE | 18+

Showtime: 7pm



Synopsis: The four-film Female Prisoner Scorpion cycle charts the vengeance of Nami Matsushima (Meiko Kaji, LADY SNOWBLOOD), who becomes an avatar of survival and an unlikely symbol of female resistance in a male-dominated world. Spiritually akin to MS. 45, COFFY, and THE BRIDE WORE BLACK, FEMALE PRISONER SCORPION: #701 (the first film in the cycle) introduces Nami — a gullible, unjustly imprisoned woman who must find a way to escape and exact revenge upon the man who betrayed her. Featuring stunning pop-art compositions and ultra-violent outbursts, it’s easy to see why this movie was a direct inspiration for Uma Thurman’s character of “The Bride” in Quentin Tarantino’s KILL BILL.

Made possible in partnership with: Granfalloon, IU Arts and Humanities Council

In partnership with The Orbit Room, The American Genre Film Archive and Vulture Video, our Cicada Underground series comes from the ethos that while as imperfect as the people who made them, genre films deserved to be screened to both enrich our lives and have a good time doing it!