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Secret Honor | May 29 | Backspace Gallery | 7PM

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Tickets for the 7PM screening of SECRET HONOR

1985 • USA • 90 minutes • dir. Robert Altman

Wednesday, May 29th
at Backspace Gallery
(112 W 6th St.)
FREE | All Ages

Showtime: 7pm


Synopsis: Sequestered in his home, a disgraced President Richard Milhous Nixon arms himself with a bottle of scotch and a gun to record memoirs that no one will hear. He is surrounded by the silent portraits of Lincoln, Eisenhower, Kissinger, and his mother, as he resurrects his past in a passionate attempt to defend himself and his political legacy. Based on the original play by Donald Freed and Arnold M. Stone, and starring Philip Baker Hall in a tour de force solo performance, Robert Altman’s Secret Honor is a searing interrogation of the Nixon mystique and an audacious depiction of unchecked paranoia.

Made possible in partnership with: Granfalloon, IU Arts and Humanities Council